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My Work
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Mitchka Saberi is an LA-based Producer and Filmmaker interested in working in production of film and television. She graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Film & Media Studies in June of 2020. During her time in school, she participated in eight short film productions, including both narrative and documentary. Since graduating, she has produced and co-written a short film that filmed in Mexico and the U.S, as well as assisting to produce music videos and other short content. 

In the past, Mitchka has done work with a non-profit organization called Iranian Alliances Across Borders, where she served for 2 summers as PR Manager and Photographer/Videographer. In general, the work Mitchka has chosen to dedicate her time and effort towards is passion-driven, important projects and causes with collaborators who have the same level of commitment and enthusiasm that she does.

Mitchka's passion for filmmaking stems from several things, including first and foremost a love for films themselves. Some of her favorite films are My Own Private Idaho, Before Sunrise, Lawrence of Arabia, Eyes Wide Shut, and Close-Up. She's inspired by independent filmmakers and their dedication to one idea or project that consumes them until they're able to share their passion with the world, communicating ideas that are too abstract for words through the form.

Aside from a love of films themselves, Mitchka has a passion for finding people who work similarly to her. Good collaboration can be the greatest joy of a project, that moment when you know you're completely on the same page creatively as another person. She strives to find new and exciting projects that challenge the limit of the form, and good people she can share them with.

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Connect with me at~
IG: @mitchkasaberi
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